Thursday, December 17, 2020

Just Keep Swimming Recognition - December

 Just Keep Swimming Recognition - December

Our staff theme this year is that we are on a long distance swim modeled after Diana Nyad’s historic swim from Cuba to Florida. We began our long swim in August as we planned to welcome our students back to school under “unique” circumstances. This year is full of obstacles as we navigate through each stage of our journey. This recognition reflects our commitment to making Waterford School an amazing community of learners and our collective effort in completing our swim!

December 2020 

CLEAR VISION Recognition -- MASK 

As swimmers we sometimes need a mask to see clearly in murky waters. This recognition honors a staff member who has demonstrated a strong and creative commitment to making the best of circumstances out of their control. Through their clarity of vision for their work they have improved their practice for themselves and students. 

COVID has altered how all of us plan for the work of teaching and supporting our students. Imagine being told that students who learn math or how to read in groups larger than one inside the school building puts our school a greater risk for contracting a highly contagious virus. And if they do learn math and reading inside they need a special mask for their lessons. Oh yeah and after the one on one lesson you can’t return to your classroom because it needs to air out for 20 minutes before anyone can safely enter again. For this teacher this is exactly the reality he is living. In spite the significant alteration of his lesson plans he has made the best out of the situation. Holding lessons outside when the weather was nice, creatively figuring out how to hold lessons inside while not putting himself and his students at risk and experimenting with technology that allows lessons to happen at home because we can’t accommodate all players at school. His creativity has allowed for students to still have access to music lessons. 

Scott Foote thank you for your commitment to Waterford School!

DEEP DIVE Recognition -- FLIPPERS 

As swimmers there will be times we need to dive deeper to gain new knowledge. Flippers help us do this swiftly. This recognition honors a staff member who has taken on the risk of trying something new and is diving deep into the work. As a result of their commitment they have deepened their understanding of their teaching practice for the greater good. 

This teacher has taken the step to differentiate her content and process to support all students. She has spent time taking classes to learn more about OGAP and the All Learners Network. She has worked with Martha to structure and implement Math Menus. Adjusting along the way based on student needs. She has not given up this initiative and has collaborated with Special Education and SWAG to and is clear in her purpose. She has taken this on while teaching a large group of 4th grade students socially distanced in her classroom! 

Emily Davis thank you for your commitment to Waterford School!

BREATHER Recognition -- SNORKEL 

Snorkels help swimmers access fresh air when their heads are in the water. This recognition honors that support staff allow teachers to breathe some fresh air by taking tasks off their plate so they can breathe. 

This is a support staff specific recognition for doing whatever it takes to support students, staff or parents. They know and can see when we need a breath of fresh air and provide that breather. Through their commitment we are a better school community. 

This month I want to recognize a support staff member who offers our students a unique opportunity to make significant progress in their reading. Her ability to teach intensively the skills necessary to become more fluent readers. Through her intensive structured literacy instruction our students are finding success with reading possibly for the first time in their lives. In addition to this she is also a member of our arrival screen team. Janice Trottier thank you for your commitment to Waterford School!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Updated Guidance -- Multi Household Gatherings and Quarantine

Good afternoon Waterford School Families,

In my Friday Folder Communication on November 20 I alerted you of new state travel and quarantine restrictions. 

This afternoon Governor Scott's announced an update as it relates to his Executive Order on multi-household gatherings and quarantine. Multi household gatherings are now considered an extension of the state's travel guidance. As a result we will need to incorporate as part of our arrival screening a question about whether students have participated in a multi-household gathering. This means anyone who participates in a multi-household gathering will need to quarantine for up to 14 days and cannot be at school. Below I have included the guidance from the state if you are interested. 

As always I appreciate your support and commitment to Waterford School.