Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Re-opening Waterford School Update -- Fall Instructional Options/Structures

** This update includes fall opening structures/survey

Waterford Strong!

Shortly we will begin the 2020-21 school year in what is sure to be an opening of school unlike any other in our personal and professional experience. COVID -19 has presented many health and logistical challenges we have not had to consider. There are no easy solutions to these challenges. As parents you may have concerns about returning your children to school. I want to validate your concern for your children and also inform you that we are working to develop a plan that supports your students well being and promotes a healthy transition back to Waterford School.

It is evident that Waterford School Staff are an amazingly dedicated and gifted group of educators. Soon we will be together as a school community ready to educate the children of the Waterford Community during unprecedented times. I am confident, even in this short time of getting to know Waterford Staff and larger community that you are THE group I want to navigate this with! 

Fall Opening Structures

During the weeks leading up to the start of school there will be many important decision you will have to make. Please view the attached presentation for details on student options for learning this fall and take the survey attached. The deadline for the survey is Tuesday August 11. Your responses are important to us and help us continue to plan for the school year.

A downloadable version can be found here: Fall Opening Structures

A link to the survey can be found here: Fall Planning Survey

Waterford School Parent Question/Feedback Form

The purpose of the form is to provide Waterford School Parents/Guardians a place to ask questions and provide feedback as it relates to the reopening of Waterford School. Questions will be collected and responded to in a separate FAQ document. You can find the form here -- Waterford School Parent Question/Feedback Form


Chris Miller